Just a few things to keep in mind for all of Team Dominator.

We truly wish we didn’t need chat rules, after all, Team Dominator is all about breaking barriers!  But if you’ve been on any of the streams lately, you can clearly see that we do.  However, there’s a balance that we need to strike.

The last thing we want is viewers to be scared to chat, so we’re posting the rules here.  In short the rules are - Just Be Cool, but below you can find them in more detail.  Violation of the below guidelines will result in:

First Violation - a warning
Second Violation a second warning
Third Violation - being put in a temporaru Timeout
Fourth Violation - being Hidden. Being Hidden is permanent, so please...Just Be Cool.

Keep the Chat On Track

Keep the chat to weather.  If the guys in the chase vehicle branch off to another topic, chat can be allowed to branch off with them.  As the chasers move on in the conversation, the chat should move on, too.

Don’t Be Disruptive

Don’t discuss politics, religion, race, sex, violence, bodily functions, or anything like that.  Keep cussing to a minimal.  We try to be mindful of the children who are be watching.

Yes, the chasers will let an occasionally “sh*t” out of their mouths, or may themselves mention a bodily function or two, but please stay classier than them, they go a bit batty on the road!

Don’t excessively post in ALL CAPS.  When things ramp up in the chase, we understand that you’ll get excited, so an occasional “LET’S GO!!” is totally cool.  Just please don’t abuse it!!

Try to limit your emojis to five or so 😱 5️⃣ 🙏🌪 😊.  Again, we wish we didn’t have to make silly rules like this…but some people really love their emojis, and drown the chat in them

Cite Any Weather Information

If you want to share information in the chat from trained weather spotters or degreed meteorologists, you can do so, but please share the source as well as the information.

The Rest

  • Respect the Mods.  Their job is not easy, and almost thankless.  They’re doing their best to keep the chat on track.  Continually trolling and complaining about them is a violation.  If you feel you have a real grievance, the comments section (not the chat) is the best place to work towards a solution.
  • Don’t ask to become a moderator. It’s earned. If we’re interested in your assistance, we will contact you.
  • Don’t constantly ask if the chasers are wearing seatbelts.  They are, they may just be out of frame.  Our chasers aren’t crazy!
  • Please do not engage in morbid conversations.  However, if you wish to be respectful of chasers who have passed on, you are very welcome to do so.
  • Don’t create arguments or engage in any other jerk-like behavior.
  • Any hate speech will result in an immediate ban.

Be Professional

Once you have a wrench, your main job is to keep chat following the above guidelines in a professional manner by being clear, fair, and polite.  We know it’s hard a lot of the time, but please remember that you’re representing Team Dominator.

Additionally, please remember that our stream is growing fast, so there are a lot of new people coming in each day who don’t know our weird rules like the seatbelt one.  Please use your discretion on this, and cut them a little slack.

Here are examples of Mods reacting to different situations in differing manners.

Unprofessional Mod Responses

Professional Mod Responses

Chatter Complaining
"You're welcome to go elsewhere"
"That's too bad, them's the rules"
“[@Username], we’ve found these rules necessary to keep on track here.  Please understand and enjoy the stream.”
First Violation & Warning
“Hey [Username], don’t do that!”
“ [@Username], please review our chat rules!  Link in description.”
Second Violation & Warning
”Do you want to test me??”
“ [@Username] again, please review chat rules.  Link in description.”
Third Violation & Timeout
“[Username] is now on Timeout.  Anyone else want the hammer?”
(just place them on TimeOut.  No need to showboat it.)
Fourth Violation
“Later, [Username]”
”You don’t respect me, you get the boot.  Bye bye.”
(just Hide them.  Again, no need to showboat it.)